EDAP (Emergency Department Approved for Pediatrics) is a component of the Los Angeles County Emergency Medical System, which indicates the designation to receive  911-ambulance traffic of pediatric patients. There are currently 42 EDAP hospitals in Los Angeles County. To qualify as anEDAP, a hospital emergency department must meet specific criteria, including requirements for pediatric equipment, physician coverage, ongoing pediatric education and policies as well as having a designated Pediatric Liaison Nurse (PdLN). The PdLN collaborates with the nurse educator to assure that all EDAP requirements are met and that the minimum number of pediatric education hours are provided and tracked. In addition the PdLN conducts pediatric specific QI audits on patients seen and develops programs in response to determined needs and/or makes resources available to the staff and out of hospital providers. The PdLN is considered the “in-house” pediatric resource who liaisons as needed with internal committees or outside facilities effecting pediatric emergency care.


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